Update, update…UPPPPDAAAAAATE!

My, my, my it’s been a little while since this blog has been updated hasn’t it? Have no fear, an update is here! Yes…that was a little lame, I know and I’m sorry.

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Here we haven a process video of a sketch that I started inking a little while ago, around early February. I’d always find myself working on it between finishing other pieces. Then one day, in the middle of July I said “I’m going to finish that one and revamp my site dammit!” and…finally got working. One of the lovely things about cel-shading is that it can be finished quickly and can still look nice. Guess who discovered the wonderful world of gradients?

Recently, I came across a video of someone actually colouring artwork on their iPad and I just had to get in on that. So I sacrificed got some old lineart and tried Sketchbook Pro out. And you know what? Not as easy as it looks. What I like about it though, is that it gives everything this sketchy look, nice alternative to oekaki-ing. Guess I have no reason to finally learn how to sketch digitally, might as well go and invest in one of those Wacom iPad styluses.

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