Snow daaaaay!

So Toronto got it’s first dusting of snow on Sunday and it’s been snowing on and off since then. Nothing serious like a snowstorm, but people will complain about it none the less, either it’s too much or it’s arrived too early. As for this blog author, I like it!

The town houses around here look so pretty with snow covered rooftops!

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Paint, paint…PAINT!

A little preview of some artwork from my little to do list. 4 images down, 7 more to go! Should sketch something new tomorrow and get right on it. This would be the most fanart produced in a loooong time, sort of a break from original character artwork, it’s nice.

After reading through a thread on the iro wiki forums, started playing around with brush settings in Corel Painter X. Tempted to give the program another chance with inking or maybe even try colouring something…and hope it doesn’t crash on me again.

A little PSA!

Did some more tinkering with website revamp and managed to finish off the gallery page. Ended up condensing four of the subsections into one, making things nice and clean. All that’s left is to finish the front page and working on the pages that contain walls of text information about the site and it’s web mistress(me). You never really think about how much is involved in developing and maintaining a site until you try it yourself. Eyeopening.

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The girliest site on the internets!

Still diligently working on revamping the site(revel in the girly colour scheme!), it’s amazing how much work is involved in getting things to look just how you envisioned graphically, let alone making sure that the coding is correct. Imagine, you have a set of transparent gif banners that photoshop claims are completely transparent only to add them to a test page and have an ugly, horribly pixelated, white outline around them. Not much fun, so after a couple of tries, along with looking through youtube tutorials, that was rectified. Transparent gif matting…it’s your friend. Guess it’s all one big learning experience, once the gallery page is up and running, it’s just a matter of doing some typing and done! How some people can have the patient to arrange hundreds of pieces of artwork, over a span of 5 or more years…is just amazing. Thank goodness for junk folders!

Happy to see the facebook getting more likes, been trying to change the url of the page to something easier, apprently it needs at least 25 fans in order to change things. So here’s the plan, as soon as 25 or more people like the page, however that happens, I’ll have a little draw for a free wallpaper or some kind of gift art. People like free stuff and I like making stuff for people, works out nicely. So tell your friends to like THIS page and free stuff will be drawn!