Everything happens in threes…

At least for me, the “three’s| have to do with technology. So here are the three events that happened within days of each other:

o1. So my 3 year old iPod had been giving me trouble since about October, November of last year. I wouldn’t be able to hear out of both sides of my headphones or earbuds and chalked it up to the normal wear and tear when it comes to audio wear. Over the holidays I went out of my way to buy a nice pair of earbuds to wear with earmuffs and still couldn’t enjoy my music properly. I decided that I would visit an Apple store and see if the ol’ iPod just needed small repairs and hoped that things would be back in order. So yesterday evening, I decide that I want to start building up my music library, see if I can actually go past the 720+ songs that I currently had. Big mistake. First it was that iTunes would sync every song save for one, no matter what I did, including uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes, rebuilding my playlists and all that, the song wouldn’t sync. I added 200-300 or so songs, iTunes just wouldn’t sync. So it’s safe to say this thing is on it’s last legs. Real shame, I wanted to add the Macross Frontier OST’s and the recently released Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt one. Guess I gotta save up…

o2. While taking a short break(for anime) from fighting with my iPod and iTunes, I noticed that my beautiful wireless keyboard and mouse set wasn’t working just right. So I fiddle with the little connect button, next thing I know, the actually button gets shoved inside the receiver, and I’m franticly trying to fish it out with a safety pin. Now I don’t know if I might have scrapped something with the pin or the receiver just conked out with age. What I do know is that the mouse and keyboard are currently useless…good thing I kept the original wired keyboard and mouse that came with the computer. Luckily, Logitech claims that you can order a replacement receiver. Here’s hoping what is essentially a USB flashdrive doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

o3. My bluetooth headset for my phone just didn’t want to turn on today. Turns out the battery was dead *facepalm*

I get the strange feeling that technology just isn’t my friend this week. Also using a wired keyboard after 10+ years of being spoiled with wireless ones is AWKWARD!

The year continues…with PENGUINS!

Yet another disgaea themed fanart for the “project”(I’ll be so glad when everything is drawn and I can actually talk about what this all is for!), almost done it. Would have finished it off today but I was galavanting around town busy! So tomorrow, no distractions, this will be finished and another will be inked, promise!

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Starting the new year off…with PENGUINS!

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2010 review

I know it’s sort of early to do one of those “year in review” type posts but with Christmas around the corner, who has time for blogging? So…this year art wise, somewhat prolific, but I can thank all the vague, secret art work I’ve been drawing for that! Hopefully in the coming year I’ll be able to draw more original stuff and keep the site updated more regularly. Just a matter of putting one’s mind to it I guess. To any of the artists on the big, wide internets, do you have any special plans for the year? Do you want to start a webcomic or perhaps launch an online art portfolio? Or perhaps you want to try selling your work online or at conventions? Whatever your plan is, I’d love to hear! Lastly, I’ve learned yesterday that the pentool is your friend!

A little artist versus WMM!

Spent the better part of yesterday afternoon fighting with Windows Movie Maker. Why you ask? Well the program was temporarily possessed, any time I tried adding music to the video that I’ve posted, the music would cut off after a few seconds when viewed in Windows Media Player or the video footage would slow to a crawl despite adding the “Seed up, double” effect. This lead to a lot of cursing and potential table flipping, but it managed to be finished. Should really use my youtube more often for these quick process videos. Well back to work, but before I close this entry, let me plug my twitter and facebook pages for daily art updates, especially ones related to my little “project”.