Linearts a go go!

Two linearts in the works. One as part of the super secret, vaguely explained art project, and the other as part of my website revamp. I don’t know what happened

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Of bears and bunnies!

Watch live streaming video from reafu at

More livestreaming goodness from yesterday while snowed in. I managed to finish that picture almost 3 hours ago and it feels great!

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Watch live streaming video from reafu at

A continuation of my P4 Teddie work in progress, still having an insane amount of fun colouring this. While the stream was being recorded, I had the radio on to listen to coverage of the EPIC SNOWSTORM that supposed to hit Toronto at any moment now! So far, when glancing through the window, I have yet to see an actual snowflake, let alone the blizzard that everyone is claiming will destroy the city. And in the off chance that the weather predictions are right, and the roads are a mess for most of the day…I’ll have art to finish and sketches to ink, so it’s a win-win situation!


Another work in progress from project that I’ve been vaguely hinting to. One of the great things about Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4 is that the official artwork uses very vibrant colours as part of their official art. With that in mind, I went to town! Even going as far as making little photoshop shapes for the little flower things that are seen through the game! If all goes well I should have this finished before the weekend is over.

Of keyboards, mice and screenr!

Been playing around with this little program called screenr that takes screen captures while you work, game, whatever! Unlike youtube and livestreaming, there’s no editing or configuring a program, just log in with your twitter account and you can make videos that are up to 5 minutes long. Amazing how many little applications want to work with twitter, but then all the cool kids are using twitter, so why not?

So while inking that picture I was blasting away May’n(as Macross Frontier’s Sheryl Nome) music. Always been a strong believer in having really upbeat, fast paced music when you’re doing particularly tedious work as DIGITAL INKING CERTAINLY IS AAAAAHHH…it takes a while. And here’s a personal favourite.

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Tried adding a bunch of Macross Frontier songs to the iPod and still it doesn’t want to snyc properly…why iPod why? On the bright side, I was able to replace my keyboard and mouse, only after finding out from Logitech that they don’t make parts for the broken keyboard set. Of course they would have to stop making parts the very moment you need to replace things. I hate you Murphy’s Law!

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