Happy process video time!

It’s process video time!

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My overlays…let me show you dem!

Been playing around with colour overlay layers, just like messing around with textured layers, it gives the overall picture a very nice effect.

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Oh look! It’s of those wip thingies…

Finally finished the lineart for this on Thursday night and flat coloured it. Was all gung-ho on Friday about about colouring this, or at least making a start on the background but, as fate would have it, it seems allergy season has sprung up a little early and my eyes refused to stop watering, so background painting will have to wait for another day.

And last but not least…totally unrelated to art but…NEVER SAY NO TO PANDA…EVAR!

Off days…Hee-ho!

Another entry, another work in progress! Once again I took a few shortcuts with inking parts here and there, thanks to Photoshop’s lovely pentool! Seeing as we have Jack and Black Frost from the Persona games here…I wonder if this can be considered anthro artwork? As for ol’ Adell he’s almost done being inked. Actually if I wasn’t dealing with some wicked neck pain, it probably would have been completely inked and on to the flat colouring/shading stage, but it never hurts to take some time off for one’s health.