Childhood, trees, websites, pc’s…oh my!

Well my site revamp is about three quarters of the way done. All that’s left is to draw something for the about/profile page and of course to upload everything. Still very much in love with the whole damask pattern for layouts. And some how it gives the whole website a sort of “classier” look to things. Not that I haven’t seen classy looking artsites that use solid or vibrant colours.

Came across this entry on deviantArt challenging people to redraw whatever they used to draw when they first started out in art. For me, it was trees in the sun/ So of course this calls for….VECTOR TRESS AND SUNS WHOOOO! Now just to find a way to not make it look like every other abstract nature scene out there.

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Update, update…UPPPPDAAAAAATE!

My, my, my it’s been a little while since this blog has been updated hasn’t it? Have no fear, an update is here! Yes…that was a little lame, I know and I’m sorry.

Watch live streaming video from reafu at livestream.com

Here we haven a process video of a sketch that I started inking a little while ago, around early February. I’d always find myself working on it between finishing other pieces. Then one day, in the middle of July I said “I’m going to finish that one and revamp my site dammit!” and…finally got working. One of the lovely things about cel-shading is that it can be finished quickly and can still look nice. Guess who discovered the wonderful world of gradients?

Recently, I came across a video of someone actually colouring artwork on their iPad and I just had to get in on that. So I sacrificed got some old lineart and tried Sketchbook Pro out. And you know what? Not as easy as it looks. What I like about it though, is that it gives everything this sketchy look, nice alternative to oekaki-ing. Guess I have no reason to finally learn how to sketch digitally, might as well go and invest in one of those Wacom iPad styluses.

Tumble my website!

Been a while since I’ve updated this blog, but have no fear, I’m still alive and kicking! So Anime North came and went since my last update. Photos were taken and the experience was written about. Now that the convention excitement is over, time to get back to the business of art! So I’ve been posting little screenshots and works in progress on my tumblr. With that in mind, last night I started working on a little header image, just a matter of figuring out what to add text wise to the empty space. Also I’d like to finish the revamping the site by the end of the month, if not early August. With that in mind, I made a couple of little tweaks to the frontpage design that I had in the work. Almost tempted to livestream my progress, but then how interesting is it to see someone write line after line of css as opposed to drawing, inking and colouring a picture and watching it come to life? Either way, stay tuned! Last but not least…would any of you ladies out there marry any of these charming gentlemen?

I swear I saw the viking guy at AN this year!

Livestream a go go!

Watch live streaming video from reafu at livestream.com

Of course one must not confuse the title of this entry with an older, similar sounding entry. Been meaning to livestream for a while now and tonight since I had some time to kill…why not? Now just to generate a little more interest in the channel and get a few more viewers to hang around from beginning to end. It’s always awesome to see people working and have 50 billion people watching them as they paint away. Okay, so they don’t actually have 50 billion but they have a lot of people.

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