Experimentation leads to explosions!

Remember kids, just because you see a cool plugin doesn’t necessarily mean you HAVE to have it. And if you must have said plugin, make sure you know what you’re doing*headdesk*! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need some sleep, for tomorrow it’s time to make a new site layout. But in the mean time, I give you a little preview!


And here we go…

First of all, welcome! More than likely(almost 100% I’d say) you came across this blog from my homepage, tranquil solace(which I’m still trying to get over the shock of FINALLY launching the site) and if you did, thank you for visiting. If not, what are you waiting for! There’s tons of more interesting things there, get to it :P!

Anywhoo I guess I’ll use this blog to list any potential plans for site updates, layout changes, works in progress, all the good stuff. If you want to see a more frequently updated blog, head over to livejournal. In the mean time…have a screenshot.

Clicky!! A little something I’ve been working on for a little while, but because of a horrid job, I never seem to have a moment to finish. But hopefully this weekend will change that.

Well that’s all for now, more random, art filled entries to come soon!


EDIT-Decided to use a text link for the screenie, since it’s too wide for the layout :P!