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Since my last update, I’ve been very, very busy. I’ve managed to get a table at Anime North’s Artist Alley(formally known as the Comic Market). I’m really excited and elated about this, especially with how competitive AN’s artist alley is. Actually this is my 3rd time trying for a table…I guess it’s true what they say about the third time’s the charm! Remember all those fanart wip’s that I’ve posted over the years of this blog? Well those happen to make up my first print set! They’re all tied together with a JRPG theme in mind because…I love my videogames!

No convention announcement post would be complete without a table map, so here’s mine! For my first AA experience, I’ll be at table E06, so all you lovely Toronto people, and people who are visiting for AN, please stop by!

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Sketches lead to even more doodles!

More boredom induced pen doodles. It was a quiet night shift, I found scraps of paper and went to town, hence the pokemon themed doodles, they caused a coworker to squeal with delight when she noticed the little Pikachu one. Should really try drawing some “serious” pokemon art and see where it goes. The other two are from morning shifts a little while ago. I really should carry a sketchbook(and a better pen) with me for those quiet moments at work…and hope to not get in trouble!

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To Do List

So with my new found free time might as well organize all the little projects and things that need to be done art wise:

o1. Revamp the layout of the site. Had a couple ideas in mind
o2. Finish the 10 images of my very vague art project. I have 2 of the planned images completed, along with a banner image. Go me!
o3. Complete my business card design. Thanks for the tip Finni!
o4. Just draw MOAR!

So with that list in mind, I’m going to do a little work this afternoon! Starting with this…

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