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It’s that time again!

Time for my once yearly update of this blog! Time for a convention post! Mind you, I do have plans for big update to this blog, as I have a lot to write about. A lot of exciting stuff! But in the meantime, back to the convention post!

I want you to take a look at this map. A long and hard look! I want you to stare into the soul of this map! Are you looking? That’s Anime North’s Comic Market floor plan, and I’m going to be there next weekend! Armed with cute chibies, pretty portraits, gleeful group shots, itty-bitty buttons and then some! I’ll take sketch commissions, hope to chat with people, take cosplay photos and hopefully take in a pannel or two. With that in mind, make table A13 your one stop shop for all your artsy con swag! See you at AN everyone!