My, my, it’s been a long time since I’ve updated this place, hasn’t it? I really do need to make an effort to balance my updates of this blog and of my tumblr. I’ll definitely need to look for a plugin that allows cross posting of wordpress entries over to tumblr or something, though it seems many artists are moving over to tumblr for their personal art blogs. Decisions…decisions…! So what have I been up to since I last updated here? Lots and lots of things! Especially conventions! My first artist alley experience was at Anime North and to say the least, I had a blast! No really! Meeting new people, talking to fellow artists and convention goers, seeing all the great cosplay as usual! It’s everything I thought being the artist alley would be and then some. I bet going to the bigger, US conventions would be even more awesome!

See this map here? That’s the artist alley(aka Comic Market) floor plan for this year’s convention, and I’m gonna be there! What can you expect to find? Beautiful buttons, pretty prints, cheerful chibies and gleeful group art! So during AN weekend, be sure to stop by table A02 for all your artistic needs! Right now I’m heading out to get some last minute table supplies and cookies, as I know all too well, the pain and intense hunger that comes with being at one’s table for hours and not stopping to have a meal. But to me, it’s all worth it! Here’s hoping I meet more awesome people this year! Be sure to keep an eye on this blog for my convention list this year!

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