Childhood, trees, websites, pc’s…oh my!

Well my site revamp is about three quarters of the way done. All that’s left is to draw something for the about/profile page and of course to upload everything. Still very much in love with the whole damask pattern for layouts. And some how it gives the whole website a sort of “classier” look to things. Not that I haven’t seen classy looking artsites that use solid or vibrant colours.

Came across this entry on deviantArt challenging people to redraw whatever they used to draw when they first started out in art. For me, it was trees in the sun/ So of course this calls for….VECTOR TRESS AND SUNS WHOOOO! Now just to find a way to not make it look like every other abstract nature scene out there.

So my computer has decided to really act up when it comes to turning on and off. As written on my tumblr, I’ve had an electrician look at the outlet my pc and other things have been plugged into and even went so far as to have the outlet fixed. That lasted about a day and then it just wouldn’t turn on at all. Opting to borrow a laptop, that had its own annoying results…Technology why must you fail me at the most in opportune of times? Surprisingly, since writing the draft up for this entry on the 15th, my pc has been behaving itself a little more and being more stable when it comes to turning on and off. Though I still want to replace the power source. At least it’s co-operating enough that I can ink a little bit. Now keep co-operating.

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